Are you a photography enthusiast? Do you want to learn post-production techniques and find out how to get your message across on social media? Do you keep hearing talk of the digital and new media arts and want to find out more? The Elements programme is just what you need!

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FMAV Elements2022 social4.3

Video e immagini per Instagram

Sabato dalle 10 alle 13 e dalle 14 alle 17

20 May 2023
€ 110,00
FMAV Elements2022 audio4.3

Arte e podcast. Il suono che racconta

sabato, dalle 10 alle 13 e dalle 14 alle 17

06 May - 20 May 2023
€ 270,00 € 250,00
FMAV Elements2022 ia4.3

Arti visive e intelligenze artificiali

Nuovi linguaggi del contemporaneo tecnoscientifico

6 lezioni online | martedì, dalle 20 alle 22

04 April - 23 May 2023
€ 180,00
FMAV Elements2022 still4.3 2

Fotografia still life e ritratto in studio

3 lezioni | sabato, dalle 10 alle 13 e dalle 14 alle 17

18 March - 15 April 2023
€ 270,00
FMAV Elements2022 lightroom4.3

Editing e post-produzione

8 lezioni online | martedì, dalle 20 alle 22

14 March - 09 May 2023
€ 240,00
FMAV Elements2022 artivisive4.3

Videogame e arti visive

4 lezioni online | martedì, dalle 20 alle 22

28 February - 11 April 2023
€ 120,00
FMAV Elements2022 contemporanea4.3

What about photography?

Images in the post-photographic era

online | Tuesday, 8pm - 10pm

24 January - 07 March 2023
€ 120,00
FMAV Elements2022 coding 4.3

Coding per le arti visive

In partnership with FEM - Future Education Modena

At school on saturday 10am - 1 pm / 2pm - 5pm – Online on tuesday 8pm - 10pm

05 November - 26 November 2022
€ 240,00
FMAV Elements2022 ghirri 4.3

Fotografia per guardare il paesaggio

At school on Saturday 10am - 1pm / 2pm - 6pm

08 October - 05 November 2022
€ 270,00

The new programme of short courses to learn about and how to use the languages and tools of the new media arts. Open to photography enthusiasts and the simply curious, the package includes courses to learn photography, coding and sound art techniques, as well as courses to expand knowledge and know-how, in particular on video game applications and artificial intelligence in the field of visual arts. The programme runs parallel to and delves further into the themes proposed in the Fondazione Modena Arti Visive exhibitions which involve artists such as Luigi Ghirri and Eva & Franco Mattes.

What is Elements?
It is a programme of short courses, divided into thematic areas. There are practical courses to learn photography and video techniques or which look at the main post-production software, focusing on specific points to learn to best get across the projects and the ideas brewing in your head!

Who is it for?
For photography enthusiasts, amateur and professional photographers and anyone who wants to get the basic knowledge and techniques to approach the world of photography and the media.

How are the courses organized?
Online, in person, hybrid, in the evening or concentrated during the weekend, in line with all the needs of contemporary living.



Depending on the pandemic situation, theoretical lessons that should be in person can be transformed into online lessons, while trips will be carried out as soon as the situation permits.

The courses will only be held when the minimum number of participants is reached.