The ICON summer show

The curator course members are involved in curating and organizing a group exhibition with works from the historical and contemporary collections managed by Fondazione Modena Arti Visive.

Presented in FMAV’s official programme and set up in one of its exhibition venues, the end-of-year exhibition provides students with an important opportunity to put the know-how gained on the course to the test and to deal with institutional venues and works of international standing. A group project that puts into practice all the aspects linked to putting on an exhibition.


POSTcard, 2020/21
FMAV MATA, Ex - Manifattura Tabacchi

A reflection on the value of images and their ability to act as a deeper and more complex interpretation of experience. Against the facile consumer aesthetics of the postcard images that populate our visual panorama, photography gives us a vision that becomes a story, a thought, an interpretation of reality. 

Curated by: 
Agnese Barbarani, Manuel Beinat, Ilaria Elena Borin, Cecilia Finessi, Benedetta Giliberti, Valentina Greco, Emilia Jacobacci, Rita Meschiari, Veronica Milli, Samira Mosca, Giuditta Alessandra Mottura, Giorgia Padovani, Irene Tondelli, Antongiulio Vergine, Riccardo Vurchio

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FMAV - Palazzo Santa Margherita

A reference to something whose outlines cannot be made out clearly, which therefore appears unclear, confused and evasive. In particular, the topic of uncertainty is the fil rouge linking the selection of works on display, but also the key to reading a time in which everything changes quickly and it is impossible to retain a precise form and defined identity. 

Curated by:
Cinzia Ascari, Elita Borgogelli, Giulia Deganello, Eleonora Fabi, Ilaria Iacconi Iambrenghi, Jana Liskova, Stefano Mattea, Chiara Pirra, Leticia Quatel Da Silvia, Luciana Travierso, Valentina Varoli

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